Our history

Our company was born with the creation of a cheese dairy and ever since has followed a policy of very active development in France and other countries.

1927 : Celia was born with the creation of a cheese dairy in the town of Craon (53) in north-west France.
1963 : Construction of the first spray dryer in the Craon plant, the beginning of milk processing to create powdered milk.
1980 : The dairy in Craon launches the Celia brand in French overseas territories, North Africa and the Middle East; today it is second in the market in Algeria.
1994 : Strengthening of our B to B activities in dynamic Asian markets such as Taiwan.
2001 : Acquisition of DHN Laboratories (clinical nutrition products for oral and enteral use).
2003 : Acquisition of Picot Laboratories, specialising in infant nutrition . In 2016, Picot registered a 23% market share in France.
2007 : Celia acquired and included in the Lactalis group : second in the world milk market and the leader in Europe.
Lactalis is already a figure in the Infant Nutrition market in France with the Lactel Eveil brand , and third in the follow-on formulas and milks in France.
2008 : Creation of the Lactalis Nutrition & Santé division, combining the Medical and Infant Nutrition departments.
2009 : Celia brand included in the Lactalis International division to encourage its sale worldwide.
2010 : Roll out of Celia brand at the international level for infant nutrition.
2011 : Integration of 2 major players on the Infant Nutrition market for Spain Puleva and Sanutri .
    - Puleva, offering a widde range of drinking milk, dairy is one of the leading Spanish.
    - Sanutri specialises in infant formulas and cereals sold in pharmacies and similar outlets in Spain
Celia brand launched in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and China.
Lactalis Group becomes the first worldwide in dairy products, after taking a majority position in the Italien dairy leader: Parmalat .
2012 : Launch of Puleva Bebe in Spain.
Pursue the international roll out of Celia brand.
2013 : Construction of a second spray dryer in the Craon plant.
2014 : Launch of sports nutrition in Lactalis Nutrition division with the Apurna brand.