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Celia, the expert in infant nutrition, is found in more than 40 countries and continues to expand internationally into new markets.

Internet Site :
Celia Algeria : celia.dz
Celia China : celia.cn
Celia Romania : celia.com.ro
Celia Bulgaria : celia-bg.com



Picot laboratories have been part of pharmacies in France for more than 110 years. Picot offers a complete range (milks, cereals, biscuits and drinks) of products to help you introduce baby to new tastes and sensations.

Internet Site : www.picot.fr

Eveil by Lactel


For more than 15 years Eveil by Lactel has worked hard to adapt it products to best meet your baby’s nutritional needs.

Internet Site : www.lactel-eveil.fr



Milumel of Lactel, baby milk specialist, puts its expertise to offer a range of infant formulas to meet the specific needs of infants: in breastfeeding relay, for greedy babies, for bio babies or babies with minor digestive disorders.

Internet Site : www.milumel.fr



Since over 80 years, our Spanish affiliate Sanutri strives to better meet the nutritional needs of your baby by offering a large range of infant nutrition products.

Internet Site : www.sanutri.es



leader in the Spanish dairy industry since more than 50 years, Puleva is committed to offer healthy & balanced products to address the nutritional needs of the whole family

Internet Site : www.puleva.es



The Parmalat Group is a global player in the production and distribution of foods that are essential for everyday wellness: milk, dairy products and fruit beverages. It has over 140 production sites and 36 000 employees. Parmalat is controlled by the Lactalis Group.

Internet Site : www.parmalat.com

Institution Sites

Lactalis International


Lactalis, found in more than 100 countries, is a company with experience and a history based on professionalism that can be seen in its wide range of products and know-how.

Internet Site : www.lactalis-international.com

Groupe Lactalis


Lactalis is a family-owned dairy company based in Laval in western France; they are committed to the quality of their milk products, guaranteed for customers.

Internet Site : www.lactalis.fr

Lactalis Nutrition Santé


Lactalis Nutrition Santé develops and markets clinical nutrition products for oral and enteral use and products for metabolic illnesses, which are food products intended for special medical purposes.

Internet Site : www.lns-nutrition.fr

LNS Private Label


LNS private label mission is to help partners develop their nutrition business with their own brand through strong cooperation and sharing of expertise.

Site internet : www.lns-privatelabel.com