About Celia®

The Celia® brand is more than 90 years old. It originated in the North West of France in a family dairy, whose founder’s wife was called Alice. Celia®, is an anagram derived from Alice.


In 1963, the commissioning of a milk drying tower marked the beginning of the production of powdered milk. From the 1980s, Celia® expanded internationally into Africa, in the Maghreb and the Middle East and Asia.


Our Expertise

To the expectations of parents and health professionals, the Celia® team implements their expertise on a daily basis to meet the needs of babies.

Our Know-How

Our products are developed by a team of professionals composed of nutritionists and engineers but also doctors who provide medical inputs.

Infant milk formulations are based on the most important and demanding global regulations with strict safety standards and nutritional rules adapted to children. Our formulas are compliant with these regulations and the ongoing respect of these requirement specifications ensures quality products.

Celia® indeed possesses an internal research center that implements ingredients to meet the needs of infants in the best possible way. The use of these new and exclusive ingredients results in formulas that comply fully with the global nutritional recommendations.

A global documentary watch is continuously carried out, and each scientific breakthrough is closely monitored in order to be forwarded to the research center.

Innovation and Technologies

Control of manufacturing processes:

So as to provide the best in infant nutrition, our industrial processes are at the forefront of innovation. The different teams collaborate to continuously improve our processes and increase our know-how.


Research and Development:

An R&D team is dedicated to each infant production site. Engineers and technicians develop new products from the laboratory scale to the industrial stage. In order to guarantee Celia®‘s expertise in infant nutrition, the R&D staff works in close collaboration with the industrial and scientific teams:

Nutrition: formulations complying with the latest nutritional recommendations and based on clinical studies.

Regulatory: formulas complying with global and market-specific regulations.

Industrial: industrialization of products, optimization of manufacturing parameters and implementation of innovative equipment.

Quality: continuous improvement and development of requirement specifications, selection of ingredients and guarantees on finished products.

Our Commitments

Maximum safety beyond regulatory requirements

We guarantee the verification, at least, of 2 times more products than imposed by the regulations, for certain specific germs (cronobacters and salmonella).

These controls are performed by several independent laboratories, both private and public, accredited by official authorities and featuring different analytical methods, to maximize the reliability of results.

The sampling of products intended for analytical controls benefits from an advanced and automated technology throughout the manufacturing process (of each of our batches.)

With the aim of guaranteeing a perfect independence of the results, the test samples are submitted to the different laboratories in order to maintain a constant vigilance level.

A collection and production guaranteed to be 100% made in France

100% local

The milk used to make our infant formulas is collected from 561 family farms with an average of 64 cows, located in the vicinity of the production plant.

100% local

All of our partner breeders are committed to our charter “Cap sur l’Avenir”. Controlled by an independent certifying body, the breeders ensure the traceability and health monitoring of the animals, the quality of their feed, the hygiene of the facilities, along with animal welfare.

100% local

Therefore, we guarantee a balance in the collaborative work and the assurance of a respectful and safe supply for the manufacture of our infant milks.

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