For more than 50 years, we have taken care of you and your little ones, to support you in all the different phases of life. Celia® supports breastfeeding as it has benefits for both the mother and the baby.


Celia® Products

A complete range of highly innovative products based on the latest nutritional recommendations.

  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> Expert

    Celia® Expert range is a premium infant milk formula range supplemented with DHA-ARA, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Prolacta®

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  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> Develop

    Celia® Develop range is a high-quality infant milk formula range supplemented with Bifidobacterium lactis.

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  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> Nutrition

    Celia® Nutrition range is a complete infant milk formula range with encapsulated iron. Celia® Nutrition 3 contains 24 times more iron than cow milk.

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  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> Organic

    Celia® Organic range is an infant milk formula range issued of organic production that respects the environment. Formulas are palm oil free and supplemented with iron.

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Parent's corner


Breastfeeding is the ideal way of meeting your child’s needs, it is a balanced model. It contains all the nutritional elements necessary for their development and evolves along with their needs…

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Sleep is an essential part of your baby’s life – it helps them grow and stay healthy as well as cope with all the new experiences they face each day…

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Mild Digestive

Among the mild digestive disorders are temporary gastrointestinal problems, light regurgitation distant from meals (also called “spit-up”); but also, to a small extent, colic and constipation. These disturbances…

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