How Much to feed

The basic principle is as follows

1 measuring scoop of powder for 30ml of water. Be careful, these are full measuring scoops, but without any extra powder on top and without compacting the powder in the measuring scoop.

3.5 kg
2 to 4 weeks old
90 ml of water
3 measuring scoops
4 kg
1 to 2 months old
120 ml of water
4 measuring scoops
5 kg
2 to 3 months old
150 ml of water
5 measuring scoops
5.5 kg - 6.5 kg
3 to 4 months old
180 ml of water
6 measuring scoops
6.5 kg - 7 kg
4 to 8 months old
210 ml of water
7 measuring scoops
7.5 kg - 9.5 kg
8 to 12 months old
240 ml of water
8 measuring scoops

Don’t force your baby to finish a bottle, he knows what he needs; remember to throw away the contents of the unfinished bottle immediately.

However, if he regularly cries after finishing the bottle, it means that he is still hungry. You can then increase the doses while still respecting the same principle: 1 measuring scoop of powder for 30ml of water.


In case of doubt, always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

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