Celia® Digest

Celia® Digest is an infant milk formula recommended when the infant suffers from colics, hard stools or flatulence.

Celia® Digest key ingredients:
Partially Hydrolyzed Protein

Easily digested


Structured lipids, to reduce hard stools and contribute to reduce constipation

Bifidobacterium Lactis

A reinforced immunity, leads to significant reduction in infants’ infections

Other Celia® infant milk formulas

  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> LF - Lactose Free

    Celia® LF -Lactose Free- is an infant milk formula indicated when the infant has lactose intolerance.

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  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> AR starch - Anti-Regurgitation

    Celia® AR starch -Anti-Regurgitation- is an infant milk formula thickened with starch recommended when the infant suffers from gastroesophageal reflux.

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  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> PRE - Premature

    Celia® PRE -Premature- is an infant milk formula especially developed for the premature infant or low birthweight baby. The formula is adapted to preterm physiology.

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  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> AD - Anti Diarrhea

    Celia® AD -Anti Diarrhea- is an infant milk formula recommended when the infant suffers from diarrhea. In addition of Celia® AD, Celia® ORS -Oral Rehydration Solution- is recommended in case of dehydration (World Health Organization)

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  • Celia<span class='super'>®</span> ORS

    Celia® ORS is an Oral Rehydration Solution if the infant suffers from dehydration. The formula has low osmolarity for a rapid rehydration.

    More info

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